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Once at the Appleton Cinema, the kids go to see The Bloodmaster. Patrice says that she thought that Evan going to sit with her. when Evan replies that he's saving a seat for Archie, Patrice tells him that he was there in the arcade and as waiting for the "right moment".

Brett is preparing himself to do the Tongue with Kendra. The longer Brett waits Kendra begins to wonder of she did something to make Brett change his mind. After a while she realizes that she's not ready to do the Tongue yet.

Meanwhile, Patrice becomes upset that Evan is ignoring her after he asked her to come and she thinks about leaving.

Then Archie enters the theatre and takes his seat next to Kendra. Although Evan told him that he can't make a move on Kendra, he still gets ready to kiss her.

At the same time, Archie and Brett work up the courage to Tongue Kendra. They both lean in to kiss her. Kendra sees Brett turning towards her so she leans back in her chair trying to avoid his kiss. Archie and Brett end up accidentally kissing each other.(Any Minute)

After this Brett becomes angry at Archie, realizing that he was trying to make a move on Kendra. Archie tells him that he was on a date with Kendra and that Evan set it up. Brett goes to beat up Evan when Kendra goes in front of him to stop it. When Brett aggressively tries to get Kendra out of the way, she hits him and storms out. Lucy goes up to Brett and asks if Kendra and him were still dating. when he says no she tongues him and walks out, with Brett following her.

Outside the theatre, Patrice is calling her dad to pick her up. Evan comes out and she becomes angry at the way he's treated her after she was so nice to him. She becomes fed up, realizing that he didn't deserve her, and walks away.(Good Enough)

Archie comes outside, saying that it could have gone better. When Evan blames him, Archie denies that it was his fault and walks away.

A Rabbi then comes to him and asks Evan why it was so important for him to be popular. Evan tells him that when you're a geek you're excluded, but when you're popular everyone looks up to you and you don't have to worry about anything. (Being a Geek)