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Archie Walker is a crippled-boy who goes to Evan's new school. He suffers from muscular dystrophy, a “terminal illness.”



Patrice is Archie's only friend (before Evan shows up). They bonded through the fact that they both get bullied by the popular kids. He tries to persuade Patrice to forgive Evan for ripping her invitation in front of the school. In the song "If That's What It Is", Patrice and Archie motivate Evan and tell him that no matter what happens, you have to put one foot in front of the other and just keep walking on.


Archie meets Evan and tells him that he will ruin his bar mitzvah unless he gets him a date with Kendra, although they have a deal. If he gets the date for Archie, Archie has to get Patrice to forgive Evan and to guilt Mrs. Goldman into buying everyone tickets to "The Bloodmaster". Archie sits next to Kendra but unexpectedly goes for a kiss at the same time Brett wanted to tongue Kendra. They end up kissing each other instead and Archie pins the blame on Evan. After all this though, he and Patrice motivate Evan.


Archie has a huge crush on Kendra! He gets Evan to get him a "date" with Kendra, but he is only allowed to sit next to her during the date. He ignores this rule and decides to go in for a kiss, instead of kissing Kendra though, he kissed Brett. Kendra was confused and wasn't completely sure as to what was going on in that situation. After the failed date, at the Dairy Queen, Archie realizes that Kendra "really is a moron" because she decides to go after Brett, but in A Little More Homework, after Archie says he got spinal cord surgery, you can see Kendra standing next to him looking at him sweetly.


Brett, just like all the other kids at school, doesn't really like Archie and picks on him for having special needs. At his date with Kendra, he goes in for a kiss and accidentally kisses Archie. This causes Brett to lose his temper and he threatens to beat up Archie. Archie, trying to avoid getting beaten up, pins the blame on Evan. which causes Brett to have problems with Evan.


Archie sings Get Me What I Need. He also has a large part in Getting Ready and If That's What It Is. He has a small part in Any Minute and All Hail the Brain/Terminal Illness. He has some solo lines in A Little More Homework.