Archie Needsa Walker




Social outcast

Broadway actor

Aaron Simon Gross

Archie Walker is a crippled-boy who goes to Evan's new school. He suffers from muscular dystrophy, a “

terminal illness.”


Archie's got a huge crush on Kendra and tells Evan to get him a date with her, or else he'll crash the Barf Matzah. Evan also needs Archie for two things: one, to get Patrice to forgive Evan (Archie's best and only friend is Patrice. They stick together because they are "social outcasts") and two, for Archie to guilt Mrs. Goldman into buying everyone tickets to The Bloodmaster. At the Bloodmaster, Archie breaks his promise to Evan about JUST sitting next to Kendra--instead he goes in for a kiss! Unfortunately, at the exact same time, Brett tries to tongue Kendra and they end up kissing each other instead! Kendra doesn't quite understand what happened, but Brett totally loses his temper. He threatens to beat up Archie, but Archie puts the blame on Evan. Now everyone is mad at Evan for pulling one over on Brett and causing their quarterback hero to get "snaked by the cripple." Later, at the Dairy Queen, after Evan finally realizes who his true friends are and stops trying to impress the cool kids, Archie and Patrice show Evan that no matter what happens, you have to put one foot in front of the other and just keep walking on. Also, he realizes that Kendra "really is a moron," so he gets over her. In the end, he truly is a good friend to Evan and Patrice, even though he rolls his eyes when they kiss. ;P