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Brett is the stereotypical high school jock that everyone loves. Even though he's the quarterback on the football team, he's not the smartest kid around the block. He is seemingly obsessed with getting "the tongue", has 3,600 friends on MySpace, and has a waitlist on his homepage.



Brett likes Kendra and asks her out on a date as seen in the song "Hey Kendra". She accepts and the two go on a date. It ends up as a disaster though which brings the two apart. Although, after Kendra fights with Lucy, the two get back together. Lucy then spreads a rumor about Kendra cheating on him with Evan, which he doesn't react well to. They then break up and he gets back with Lucy.


Even though Brett likes Kendra, Lucy still tries to get his attention throughout the show. He seems friendly to her at the start of the show but clearly seems more interested in Kendra. After Kendra and Brett's date is a disaster, Lucy kisses Brett and he starts dating her. Brett does not like Lucy however and only liked her cause she gave him the tongue. This goes on until Lucy and Kendra fight and Kendra and Brett go back together. She then starts a rumor that Kendra is cheating on him and Brett doesn't react well to that news. Kendra and Evan are caught hugging and because Brett thinks Kendra is cheating on him, Brett gets back with her.


Brett is very nice to Evan after he helps him, Brett calls him "The Brain" as to him, he speaks like he's "educated" and cause he helps him make a plan to tongue Kendra. He says he will go to Evan's bar mitzvah if Patrice doesn't come. After Lucy starts the rumor about Kendra and Evan being together, however, Brett no longer likes Evan and isn't really seen talking to him after that encounter.


Brett does not like Patrice along with all the other kids at school. Just like the others, he thinks that she is geeky.


Brett does not like Archie along with all the other kids at school. Archie also likes Kendra so you can see how this can be a bit of a debacle. During Brett and Kendra's movie date, Archie comes and interrupts it. Archie thinks he is on a date with Kendra due to Evan telling him he was. Brett and Archie both lean in thinking they will kiss Kendra but accidentally kiss each other. Brett gets made fun of because he kissed Archie.

Malcolm and Eddie

Malcolm and Eddie are mainly seen as Brett's "goons" and do whatever he says. They also help him ask Kendra out in the song Hey Kendra. You can also see that they are loyal to Brett in the song "Bad Bad News" wherein they plot to get rid of Lucy so Brett can spend time with them instead.

Simon and Richie

Simon and Richie are the other boys at school, they are also kind of part of Brett's "goons" but they are less involved than Malcolm and Eddie. They join along in plotting to get rid of Lucy in Bad Bad News.


Brett does not have any solo songs. He has a few solo lines in 13/Becoming A Man and Opportunity, a large part in Hey Kendra and Any Minute, a small part in All Hail the Brain/Terminal Illness and Getting Ready.