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Cassie is a great student, the leader of almost every club, an eye-on-the-prize kind of girl. She’s all about being the best she can be, loving her friends, keeping up on trends, and staying plugged in! Cassie is also a total gossip girl. Cassie is a very fashion-forward girl, who has an amazing sense of style. She's a diva and loves to gossip.



Cassie is in love with Richie, they have been dating since the end of summer and hang out all the time which is shown when they are walking together in the small scene in the middle of Bad Bad News, just before he comes in.


Cassie's best friend is Charlotte, they are both cheerleaders and love to gossip.


Though Cassie is a leader, she has to follow Lucy to be cool sometimes.


Cassie has a very large solo in "Brand New You". She has short solos in "A Little More Homework" and "It Can't Be True". She's in the background for a lot of songs including "Opportunity".


Acting- Requires good acting skills

Dancing- Cassie is one of the cheerleaders and should be proficient in dancing

Singing- Cassie has a very big solo in "Brand New You" and needs a strong, confident voice. She must be able to belt like a conveyer belt in a factory.