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Eddie is one of Brett's best friends. He is a cool kid who is also best friends with Malcolm.



Eddie's best friend, besides Brett, is Malcolm. They follow Brett's orders together and aren't seen without each other.


Brett is basically Eddie's leader -- he follows any orders from him and does whatever he says alongside Malcolm. He, Malcolm, Richie, and Simon even plot to save him from Lucy.


Eddie dislikes Lucy due to Brett telling them he needed help to get away from her. He plots to get rid of her in Bad Bad News.

Simon and Richie

Eddie, along with Malcolm sing Bad Bad News with these two. All four of them are good friends of Brett and will help him in whatever he needs. They all play on the football team.


Eddie has a main part in Hey Kendra and Bad Bad News. He has some solo lines in 13/Becoming A Man and A Little More Homework.