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Lucy Dunn (Lucy Abendroth in the book) is a diva. She's a predator.



Kendra is Lucy's "best friend". They're on the cheerleading squad together. Brett likes Kendra, but Lucy likes Brett, as does Kendra. Lucy becomes jealous when Kendra accepts Brett's date and tries to split up Brett and Kendra. So when Kendra and Brett's date ends up a disaster, Lucy kisses Brett and they start dating. After a catfight between Lucy and Kendra, they are no longer friends. Brett breaks up with Lucy and dates Kendra. Lucy can't stand it, so she spreads a nasty rumor about Kendra cheating on Brett with Evan. She wants to get rumors around the school about Kendra.


Brett is Lucy's love interest in the show, but later on, becomes her boyfriend for a short period of time. After Kendra and Brett's date is a disaster, Lucy kisses Brett and they start dating. After a catfight between Lucy and Kendra, they are no longer friends. Brett, then, breaks up with Lucy and starts dating Kendra. After Kendra and Evan are caught hugging though, Brett and Lucy start dating again!

Patrice and Archie

She dislikes Patrice and Archie because they're nerdy and don't fit in. In the Goodspeed version, you can see Lucy and Kendra bully Patrice for "eavesdropping" onto their conversation.

Molly, Charlotte, and Cassie

It is shown that Lucy is friends with Molly and Charlotte because she calls them during "It Can't Be True" and has a conversation with them about Kendra and Evan. They are all on the cheerleading squad together.

Eddie, Simon, and Richie

Because Lucy takes up all of Brett's time and has complete control over him, the three (along with Malcolm) resent her and try plotting to dispose of her in "Bad Bad News."


Malcolm has a crush on Lucy. He even sings his own rendition of Hey Kendra to her during the Bloodmaster wherein she rejects and tells him to "Shut up!". When Brett gets taken away by Lucy, however, he starts to hate her but still gives nice remarks to her figure in Bad Bad News ("She's like a cow!" "A skinny cow!").


Lucy sings the song Opportunity which was originally cut from the Broadway version, though it is used in some productions. She also has a few solo lines in 13/Becoming A Man, a small part in Hey Kendra, a large part in It Can't Be True, and several large solos in Getting Ready.


Music- Lucy is required to sing both high and low. She's a mezzo, so this part requires a good, confident singer.

Look- Lucy is a popular and stylish "it" girl. Try to make yourself look nice by wearing nice, fashionable clothes and styling your hair.

Acting- Lucy needs to be very confident. This part requires great acting skills. She also has many lines so you have to have good memorizing skills!

Dancing- As Lucy is a more important role, she must be able to move.