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Malcolm is a sidekick to a sidekick. He brings a suburban-urban point of view to the world he orbits. In the chain of command, he is third, but in his mind, he is – okay, third. Still, this fast-talking follower has intimidating confidence and charm that fits well with his basic unawareness of the world around him. He is there for one reason – to serve, protect, and be influenced by Brett.



Malcolm and Eddie are best friends. They both will do anything for Brett.


Malcolm follows every order Brett gives him. They are great friends and Malcolm worships the ground Brett walks upon. He and Eddie inform Brett about the rumor where Kendra is supposedly cheating on him.


Malcolm has a huge crush on Lucy and will do anything for her. He even sings his own rendition of "Hey Kendra" ("Hey Lucy") but Lucy turns him down. During "Bad Bad News", while the boys are calling her nasty things, Malcolm adds in some words which makes it clear that he still likes her. ("She's like a cow -- A skinny cow!")

Simon and Richie

Simon and Richie are popular so they are friends with Malcolm. They sing together during "Bad Bad News".


Malcolm has a big part in Hey Kendra and in Bad Bad News. He has some small solo lines in 13/Becoming a Man, Getting Ready, It Can't Be True, and A Little More Homework.



Malcolm is a Baritone who must be able to riff/do runs while singing. He must also be able to sing harmony


Malcolm is a mover but doesn't have to be the best dancer.


Malcolm is a supporting role so he must have natural stage presence. He must be able to act immature alynd dumb along with god reactions to what is happening onst age in the scene.