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Molly is cool, hip, and confident, She's the girl that loves gossip, loves to start a rumor, gets into everyone’s business, then steps back to watch as all hell breaks loose. She knows everything about everyone and is the source of all school information.



Lucy calls Molly first when she spreads the rumors in "It Can't Be True", meaning she trusts Molly to spread it more than anyone and is one of her best friends. Molly also tells her that "she's just jealous of Kendra because Brett asked her out" which shows that she's courageous.

Cassie and Charlotte

Molly calls Cassie after she hears the gossip going around, meaning she is a good friend to her. She is friends with Charlotte because of their gossipy ways and they cheer together.


Kendra is the captain of the cheer squad and is gossiped about by Molly due to Lucy spreading rumors.

Molly's Songs

Molly has a main role in "It Can't Be True" and a minor role in "A Little More Homework", "Brand New You", "13/Becoming A Man".


Music- Molly is a lower Mezzo than the other girls. Molly's only high note is in "A Little More Homework".

Dancing- Despite the fact that she is a minor role in the play, Molly, Charlotte, and Cassie have a large amount of dancing.

Acting- Since Molly only has a couple of lines ( "count me in", "we are so snubbing", "Lucy and Kendra are in the girls' bathroom scratching their eyes out for you") and is included in "It Can't Be True",  acting is minimal. However, she still has to behave excitedly when Lucy calls her about the new gossip.