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Patrice Parker


Patrice is quirky, offbeat, some might say geeky, and ready to begin her life - away from where her life is. She thinks Appleton, Indiana is the lamest place in the world and dreams of planning an escape and moving to someplace more cultured and diverse. Sensitive, playful, emotional, she’s smarter than most, celebrates what makes her different, and just wants to be understood by someone she understands. When she hurts, she hurts hard. She’s total chic-geek, dances to her own DJ, and has a lot of love to give. She never judges a book by its cover and sees people for who they are, rather than what she wants them to be. Patrice knows where she stands and where she fits in. She doesn't let anything anyone says get to her too much and faces every day with a smile.



Evan is Patrice's crush/supposed boyfriend. Patrice first meets Evan before school starts, she introduces him to Appleton, Indiana, and shows him everything he needed to know. She was planning to go to Evan's bar mitzvah until the popular kids didn't want her there. Evan rips up her invitation and Patrice becomes upset with him. He then asks her out to the Bloodmaster as an apology. During the movie, Patrice is ignored as Evan is too focused on the situation with Archie's date. Patrice takes this as a sign that Evan thinks she isn't good enough for him. After a short period of time, Patrice releases her feelings for Evan in Tell Her, and motivates him to keep walking on in If That's What It Is. They kiss for the first time there and they also kiss when Evan is preparing for his bar mitzvah, this implies that they might be dating.


Archie is Patrice's best friend (before Evan), they bonded over the fact that they were both bullied and disliked by the popular kids. It is implied that Patrice tells him a lot as he knows that Patrice likes Evan. They both tell Evan to keep walking on even when situations are hard in If That's What It Is. In some scenes, you can see them in the background talking to each other.


Like the other popular kids, Brett does not like Patrice. He first starts the argument that he won't go if Patrice is there because she is geeky and does not try to fit in with the popular kids.


Patrice's main songs are The Lamest Place in the World, What It Means To Be A Friend, Tell Her, If That's What It Is, and a little more homework. After The Bloodmaster, she loses her temper at Evan and sings Good Enough, a short song that was not recorded by the original Broadway cast. She also has a minor solo in Any Minute and Getting Ready.


Music- Patrice is a mezzo-soprano with some soprano notes. There is a high note in "The Lamest Place in the World" that can be reached by head voice if necessary. Otherwise, the rest of Patrice's notes can be sung by a chest voice by a regular soprano.  Patrice also sings with the company in other songs.

Dancing- Needs to be able to move.

Acting- Requires good movement. Patrice needs to express happiness when Evan arrives in her town, anger when Evan tears up her invitation, sadness when Evan ignores her at the movies, and surprised or shy when Evan kisses her.  Patrice is a female lead and requires very strong acting skills.