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Tell Her
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Title Tell Her
Sung by Evan & Patrice
Solos Evan & Patrice
Album 13
Place Indiana
Productions All
Last song Bad Bad News
Next song It Can't Be True

Evan and Patrice give Brett some advice on how to win Kendra back, whilst fixing a rift in their relationship at the same time.


Tell her you've thought about what happened
Tell her you havent slept at night
Tell her although you made a huge mistake
You want to make it right

Tell her you know you aren't perfect
Tell her you've waited way to long
Tell her you're sorry, tell her you mean it
Tell her you just were wrong

Tell her she shouldn't have ingnored you
Or dissed you infront of all the school
Tell her th eminute she got out of touch
You felt like such a fool

Tell her that studying together
Was so nice, you prayed it wouldn't end
Say you forgive her say you were jealous
Ask if she'l be you friend

Evan & Patrice
Tell her that people get things wrong
Cause people are afraid they won't fit in your world or in you life
But things will work out fine if she will only listen

Tell her that all you ever wanted

Tell her that all you ever wanted

Was maybe

Evan & Patrice:
A smile or a glance

Tell her you're sorry

Tell her you mean it

Evan & Patrice:
Ask for another chance
Tell her you just want another chance.